When you are creating your JWU social media account, use these helpful tips.


Follow these guidelines for institutional use, social media standards and best practices.

Calls to Action

What you want the user to do: RSVP to an event? View your album? "Like" your post? Let them know what to do in the next post.

Linking to Your Website

Which website you want to draw users to? Typically, you'll use a address. Just make sure you use the same URL throughout your sites.

About Me/Mission

Like your website, make sure you're using the same, consistent "about me" or "mission" message throughout your sites.


Change your password at least each term. If a student or staff member who managed the account leaves JWU, change your password after they are gone.

Set Your Account Administrators

Have an exit strategy: As the year or term wraps up and positions change, it's important to make sure that your social media accounts are switched over to the next in line, or are being "held" over the summer by your advisor or JWU staff/faculty member.

Often, social media sites do not get switched over and in result, the new president or leader of the club/organization has to start from scratch to build a following.

It's best to have a continuous page or account so you can build followers, brand your organization, celebrate your group's milestones and recruit new members.

Your advisor should always have admin rights and password info to your group's sites.