Follow these best practices to use Facebook, or manage a JWU Facebook channel.

Set Your Administrators

Staff/faculty should be Admins of all JWU Facebook accounts.

Students should be Editors (they can update the page, but they cannot add/remove Admins or delete the page).

To update Facebook Admins:

  1. Go to your page's Admin Panel
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Page Roles

Set Page Info

All JWU Facebook page accounts should be a University Category page.

To set page info:

  1. Click Admin Panel
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Page Info

Create Events

It's important to create events on Facebook for your department/club. You can invite friends, add in details and promote the event in jwuLink. Include where and when!

Schedule Posts

Schedule posts for your page directly on Facebook up to a year in advance and include links, photos or videos.

  1. Go to the bottom right hand corner, where you post your status update
  2. Click the clock icon
  3. Choose the date and time for post to be published

Create Clean URLs

If you DON'T need to include the link in your post, follow these steps to delete it:


If you need to include a link to your post, use to shorten your URL.

Get the Apps

Email us to get the official @JWU Facebook App on your page.

Add Other Apps

You can add in other apps for your page like Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, through Apps already built in Facebook.

Search what you're looking for in the + App or Page Tab for best results.


It's important to like other JWU pages and community accounts.


Increase the chance that your post will show up on your fan's newsfeeds.