Tips for Students

Social media can be a great tool to network, connect with others, build your online brand, and stay in contact with friends and family - when used effectively. Here are tips to use social media safely and effectively, and make social media work for you.

1. Show Off Your Strengths

Have your sites reflect your resume. Add in:


Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, as a student, the Code of Conduct applies.

2. Show Your Personality

Even though you’re being professional, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

3. Keep it Clean

Avoid profanity; vulgar language, images and videos; offensive and inconsiderate “jokes”, and political or religious humor.

4. Write to Impress

Avoid bad grammar, punctuation and spelling. No “Text Type," like "No1 nos wat ur syn!"

5. No Drama

Keep too-personal photos and passive “drama” off your page and your online accounts. It looks unprofessional and childish.

6. Check Privacy Settings

Make sure you’re comfortable with your privacy settings. Decide if you want other sites like Twitter or Instagram protected, so you can approve all followers.

7. The Grandma Rule

If you wouldn't want Grandma to see it, don’t post it! Everything on the Internet is forever. You don’t want an old photo or tweet to prevent you from getting your dream job.